Components for Delphi 2009 / 2010

Here is a collection of components for Delphi 2009 (Tiburon)/ 2010:

Please let me know if you find any bugs. You can use the Contact link to send me an email.

Cooltray 4.4.0 Icon for Taskbar Notification Area ("Tray") Sep 04 2009 Download

Status: No problems reported


  • bugfixes (a few sizeof() commands had to be replaced with length())


  • Packages for Delphi 2010


DSPack, DirectX9 Video Playback using DirectShow® Sep 04 2009 Download

Status: No problems reported

DSUtil.pas renamed to DSUtils.pas (Delphi 2009 includes a different file with the same name)

Changes from Original not related to Tiburon:

  • Fullscreenview has been removed because it was buggy
  • Fixed TBCBaseInputPin.ReceiveMultiple


  • Packages for Delphi 2010


FastMM4 v4.97 Fast memory manager Sep 30 2010 Download

Official release from SF





GraphicEx GraphicEx Sep 04 2009 Download

GraphicEx was only tested with PNG, GIF, JPEG, PSP and PSD formats.


  • fixed loading of *.pcd files
  • Added class var TPCDGraphic.DefaultResolution (change this to select which resolution of the image you want to load. Possible values: 0..5).


  • Added Delphi 2010 packages


HTMViewer PBear's HTML Viewer May 11 2009 Download

Based on Version 9.45


  • Some bugfixes
  • Unicode chars do not need html encoding anymore


  • bugfixes (when loading from stream, ...)


  • fixed problem with css


  • another css bugfix


Common Library & EasyListView
Sep 09 2008  

Jim: "My Common Library and EasyListview worked in the last version of Tiburon (haven't had time to try the latest version). I have been waiting for the "offical" Tiburon VirtualTreeview to emerge to translate VirtualShellTools."





You can download the latest versions from:



RegExpStudio Regular expression parsing Sep 09 2008 Download
  Status: No problems reported  


Toolbar 2000   Sep 09 2008  

Download Version 2.2.2



TurboPower Abbrevia Data compression    

Download from SourceForge




TurboPower AsyncPro Data communication Sep 04 2011 Download

Status: Many things already work well, but it probably still needs some bugfixes.

Jan 08 2009: some bugfixes

Jan 30 2010: more bugfixes; Added packages for Delphi 2010

Mar 01 2010: fixed StartString/EndString property of TApdDataPacket

Oct 13 2010

  • A few bugfixes
  • Added Packages for Delphi XE

Sep 04 2011

  • Added packages for Delphi XE2


TurboPower Essentials VCL controls Sep 09 2008 Download

Based on Version 1.11 from CVS.



TurboPower LockBox Data Encryption Sep 05 2012 Download

This library has been extended so that it supports encryption of Ansi and UnicodeStrings.


  • Delphi 2010 packages
  • should compile without hints and warnings


  • Added Delphi XE2 & XE3 packages
  • Added support for OSX (FireMonkey)


TurboPower OnGuard Create demo versions of Delphi applications Dec 23 2009 Download

Based on version in CVS.


  • Fixed CreateMachineID and added optional Ansi/Unicode parameter (hash value was different for Delphi 2009)

12/23/2009 - Version 1.14

  • Updated with latest changes from SF
  • Support for Delphi 2010


TurboPower Orpheus UI components Aug 31 2010 Download

This is based on the version from CVS. The first two packages compile and are partly tested. Some asm code still needs updating. Some bugfixing also need to be found and fixed. Contributions are welcome (use the contact form on the top). Search for "FIXME" in the source.

Files that may need special attention and bugfixes: OVCDRPVW.PAS, OVCPF.PAS, OVCEDITU.PAS, OVCVIEWR.PAS, OVCSTR.PAS


  • fixed bug when entering data into numeric fields
  • fixed TOvcTCBaseEntryField.tcPaint
  • fixed some clipboard issues
  • fixed assembly code of StrStInsertPrim, StrStDeletePrim


  • O407br120, O407bd120 compile now
  • Corrections on ovcdrpw.pas and ovcfiler.pas units have been tested in both ANSI and unicode environment for:
    •  TOvcDataReportView
    •  TOvcReportView
    •  TOvcFormState
    •  TOvcComponentState
    •  TOvcRegistryStore
    •  TOvcCheckList
    •  TOvcViewComboBox
    •  TOvcURL
    •  TO32bar


  • TOvcMenuMRU.Notification: Did not call StoreList when changing removing the lits
  • TOvcCustomTable: fixed resource leak (tbColMoveCursor and tbRowMoveCursor were not released)
  • OvcEF.pas: TOvcBaseEntryField.efPositionCaret: attempt to fix IME position window


  • Some bugfixes related to IME
  • fixed TOvcDbBDEHelper.GetAliasDriverName


  • TOvcPictureField: fixed AV when changing PictureMask at runtime


  • TOvcPictureField: fixed AV when changing PictureMask at runtime (2nd try)


  • Updated the Orpheus package to be in sync with the official project on SourceForge (the version on SF is based on my conversion)
  • The version on SF had a couple of fixes, these are now included as well


  • Readded my fixes for TOvcPictureField (and asked Robert to add them to SF as well)


  • Fixed AV in TOvcDbSimpleField


  • Added new bugfixes from SourceForge


  • Added Delphi 2010 packages and project group
  • Fixes for ovcdrpvw.pas
  • (commited changes to svn at sf.net)


  • made new packages with latest bugfixes from sf.net


  • added packages for Delphi XE
  • partial support for Visual Styles


TurboPower SysTools SysTools Sep 08 2011 Download

Status: No problems reported


  • Added packages for Delphi XE


  • Added packages for Delph XE2


TurboPower XMLPartner XML Parser Sep 08 2011 Download


  • Unicode bugfixes in XpInet
  • Fixed: Delphi 2010 hangs in an endless loop when closing a form with a XpXSLProcessor
  • Added Delphi XE packages


  • Added packages for Delph XE2


UniSynEdit Memo replacement Sep 23 2008 Download
  Status: No problems reported  


Virtual Treeview Treeview Control Oct 24 2009 Download

Version 4.8.6

This is an official release for Delphi 2009 / 2010