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License type: Demo
Language: English
File size: approx. 23 MB
OS versions: Windows 7 | Windows 8 / 8.1 | Windows 10

Download SongBeamer 5.10 (December 15th, 2020):

  Download Update
SongBeamer for macOS Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey 64-Bit (Nov 22nd 2021)



Language: English
File Size: ca. 3 MB

Use this plugin to print a list of all available songs.

Download SongReport Version 4.06 (Jul 26th 2011):

Statistics Viewer 1.0a (July 5th 2008)

Optional Downloads

Importer Easyworship


+ Midi control
+ SongSelect Import: added new requirements for the song preview
- Output to textfile: empty lines were written multiple times

+ Toolbar: Ctrl+Backspace deletes the previous word
+ Customize Keyboard: Added a new shortcut for "Auto Advance"
- Stage Monitor: Support the command line argument /sbappdata for editing the layout

- NDI Optionen: Fixed saving of the NDI color profile

+ CCLI Copyreport: Adjustments to the new webpage
+ Stage Monitor: Song area: new option for transparent background

+ NDI: Do not output the background of the mix object

+ NDI: custom formatting is now possible
- Schedule export: fixed "Control has no parent window" error

+ Assignment of the monitors is now very flexible

+ Output to text file: output is ignored if the folder for the text file does not exist
+ NDI: output is enabled immediately after enabling NDI
- Stage Monitor: preview page is emptied if the last page is displayed
- PowerPoint: Closing PowerPoint took very long for some users. We now do not close PowerPoint anymore after displaying a PowerPoint presentation.

+ New settings for NDI output

- NDI/Stage Monitor: the stage monitor did not display PowerPoint slides when the stage monitor was active

+ Songs, Instant text: the symbol "@" is now only recognized as marker for repetitions if there is a space in front of it. This fixes problems when adding E-Mail addresses to songs.
+ Renamed the chord view to text view
- NDI: removed error message when switching PowerPoint pages

+ NDI: Is now always displayed at the bottom
+ Flash: removed Flash support from the insert menu

- Changing the color scheme flagged the schedule to "changed"
- Output to text file: removed superfluous lines when displaying the 2nd language
- Output to text file: fixed writing the bible verse reference
- Output to text file: clear the text file when loading a new object
- Message to the congregation: scrolling text was sometimes cut off at the right

+ Background: "Use this background only" was ignored if a song had a background video assigned
+ Songs: improved the speed of the text output
+ NDI Output (Beta)

+ Live-Video: Improvements for video devices that offer both HD and SD resolutions, but do not work with 50 fps

+ Output: remember the output options for the text file
- Songs: Fixed display when a centered line was too long

+ Output: Write the bible verse reference into the text file
* Preparations for new functions

+ Live-Video: Improvements for cameras that have both HD and SD resolution
+ Output: Record the output into a SubRip (*.srt) subtitle file
+ Output: Write the current slide into a text file (als Quelle für OBS Studio)
- Song Formatting: maximum number of lines per page did not always work as expected

+ SongBeamer Remote: now also controls the stage monitor
+ Background manager: speed optimizations
+ Songs: speed optimizations
+ Darkmode Button: allow this button to disable the dark mode

* Stage monitor: Added option for several layouts (in development)
- Song display: Paragraph spacing stopped working in SongBeamer 5.03b
- Printing: Fixed access violation when cancelling the print dialog

+ Video: last frame does not keep showing anymore when the video has finished playing
+ Text View: Added a new option to hide the chords
+ Text display: new option for shade
+ Video: Clicking on the video length label switches between remaining time and duration
+ Video: automatic stop at the end of the video
+ Diashow: Sort images by exif date
- Presentation Size: The dialog should remain in front when using only one monitor
- Stage Monitor: Fixed a bug for the preview
- Printing: SongBeamer appeared to be hanging when printing a lot of pages

+ Insert -> Video: Added filter for *.*
+ Monitor list is sorted to get a more consistent monitor assignment

+ Bible Import: Support Russian booknames
- SongSelect Import: Fixed memory error after first login

+ Timer: now supports background video
+ Timer: Do not show the hour if it is "0"
- Bible Import: The Bible will be imported in unicode even if only the book names use special characters

+ Timer: Text formatting will be saved
- Schedule Backup: workaround for a problem that security software sometimes locked the schedule backup file

+ Song Search: added button "SongSelect Import"
+ Improvements for 4K monitors

+ New script function: GetFolder_SBScripts
* Diashow quality: improved quality of the preview images
- Command line argument /SBProgramData did not work for the bible folder
- Adding songs using the command line should not start a new instance of SongBeamer
- Display website: Fixed compatibility with 4K monitors
- Text display: improved vertical centering

- Stage Monitor: Stage Monitor command does not stop background videos anymore
- Videos: Fixed Access Violation when playing videos
- CCLI Copyreport: Script error messages are blocked

+ Experimential support for PowerPoint from the Microsoft Store

- Videos: bugfixes and stability improvements

+ Printing: Added an option for changing the copyright font size
- SongBeeamer did not notice when a new monitor was connectedangeschlossen wurde

- Bugfixes when opening the info dialog and the slideshow editor
- Changed the internal name of the main window

+ Stage Monitor: Switching powerpoint slides with the arrow keys projected the wrong page on the stage monitor
+ Videos: Selecting an item in the schedule does not stop the current video anymore

+ Importing songs from PowerPoint: *.pps files are now shown in the file open dialog

+ Automatic backup of the schedule if SongBeamer is not shut down correctly
+ File-Menu: The 10 most recent schdules are now available for quick access
* The settings dialog now opens faster

+ Integrated Video Codecs
+ Stage Monitor
+ PDF: Improved PFD rendering
+ Report CCLI CopyReport from inside SongBeamer
+ Options: "Total items" changed to "Items per Row"
+ Edit label: current color will be loaded correctly
+ Shortcut '.' for fading in/out of the current slide
+ Printing: New formatting options for copyright
+ Printing: Settings for CAPO
+ PowerPoint: new setting: "hide cursor"
+ Faster loading of videos
+ New setting: Open Schedule autosave when starting SongBeamer
+ Closing SongBeamer: SongBeamer now always asks if you want to save the changes (unless you're working with the file autosave.col)
+ File Menu: Show the four most recent schedules for quick access
* Video playback requires Windows Vista
- Append schedule: Icons will also be imported
- Preview monitor should be identical to the SongBeamer main window
- Fixed issue with initializing the monitors
- Fixed: SongBeamer locks up when creating preview images
- Videos will not be closed when switching to the next song using the arrow keys

+ PowerPoint Viewer: Fixed "Class has no parent window"

+ Further optimizations for 4K monitors

+ Improved support of YouTube Videos
- Options -> Projection: Current resolution of the projector will be preselected
- Switching from PowerPoint to logo, instant text and test image did not work

+ Live Video now optionally with audio
+ Show Youtube Videos

+ SongSelect Login Dialog: Imporved notice how to find the CCLI license number
- "Invalid class typecast" when minimizing tabs

+ Further optimizations for 4K monitors
+ Detection of Windows Tablet Mode (Windows 10)
- Schedule: Properties dialog can show filenames of imported images correctly
- Schedule: Imported images cannot be edited using the context menu

+ Most recently used DirectShow Filters: Show "Reference Clock"
+ Edit Song: Select background video from file: Added .MP$ as file extension
+ Stage Monitor: Layout changes will be adapted immediately

- Text formatting: wide outline did not use respect the color setting
- Text preview: Fixed font size for songs with translation
- Stage Monitor: Fixed"Canvas does not allow drawing"

* Removed "Always use Cleartype" setting, because it is too slow in Windows 10.1703

- Color selection: Fixed "Scanline Index out of Range"

+ Critical Update for Windows 10 Build 1703 "Creators Update": Slides take a long time to display
+ Customize keyboard: shortcuts for Bible "Next verse" and "Previous verse" can be set
+ Song Editor: CCLI Song number can be copied to the clipboard

+ Optimizations for 4K monitors
+ Printing: A verse order that is saved in the schedule can also be used for printing
+ Stage Monitor: Improved timer, countdowns, new options
+ Songs: Improved error messages when loading invalid .sng files
+ Timer: Improved display in the schedule

+ Find Songs: show the church song number
+ Optimizations for 4K monitors (work in progress)
+ Song editor: New editor settings (font name and size)
- Bible: Fixed access violation when using "previous / next verse"

- Background manager (docking): Fixed access violation

+ Background manager (docking): Added support for videos, improved speed

+ Bibel: Use the color of the verse number only for the presentation, not also for the preview panel
+ Stage Monitor (Beta): Diverse Verbesserungen
- PowerPoint Viewer 2010 on Windows 10: Improved compatibility
- Chord editor: Fixed a bug when saving the key
- Chord editor: "Replace"-tool doesn't accept empty chords

- SongSelect: special characters did not work in passwords

+ Added support for the "Elgato Game Capture HD60 S" (HDMI In)
+ Song Editor: Songs will also be added to the schedule when closing the editor results in a "Save as..."
+ Song Editor: Show target key when transposing
+ Chord Editor: Added tools for permanently transposing a song or individual lines
- SongSelect Import: Fixed an issue with importing the key
- Printing: Transposed key was not always shown correctly for keys using ...b chords
- Mixobject: Fixed an issue if the mixobject was created from very many objects

+ Removed support for QuickTime
- The 4th language was not dispalyed in the chords view

+ Support for SBRemote V2 incl. Videos

+ Bible: It is now possible to select right-to-left layout

+ Transitions: duration can be typed (they will be rounded to full 128ms)
+ Experiments with video fade-in

+ Background manager: Improved sorting of images/videos

+ Song: Text preview below text (without chords)
- Songs: Language of text preview depends on the displayed language
- PowerPoint Viewer 2010: Fixed issue when switching pages
- Fixed icons in 32x32 for save/open schedule

+ New icons in size 32x32
+ Internet Explorer: Updated embedded control

+ Background Manager: new color selection dialog for color overlay
+ SongSelect Import: Improved highlighting of results
- PowerPoint 2016: Added support for PowerPoint 2016

- Timer: Fixed issue from version 4.38

+ Mixobject/Timer: the timer can be displayed on top of a slide show
+ Mixobject/Timer: removed transitions of timer in the mixobject
+ Mixobject: added support for PDF files

+ Video: Added new file extensions
+ SongSelect: Improved error messages
+ PDF: Updated PDF library
* PDF: Improved display of rotated pages.

+ New verse marker: Instrumental
+ Improved the Song Index
* Import Schedule: Improved import of schedules created on a Mac

+ Support for PowerPoint® 2016 (previous versions of SongBeamer are NOT compatible with PowerPoint 2016)
+ Customize keyboard: Shortcut for chords view can now be customized

+ New command line param /SBProgramData
+ New folder var %DropBox% for paths
+ Verse order: autocompletion
* Verse order: The reset button should reset to the order that is saved in the song
- Printing: Key of transposed songs is now shown correctly
- Verse order: Hints were not displayed in the dialog

- SongSelect Import didn't work in timezones that don't use daylight saving

+ PowerPoint: Fixed an issue with showing page numbers
+ SongSelect Import: adjustments to the web interface
+ Bible: Improved error messages when importing from Zefania XML

+ Adjustments for Windows 10

* Schedule: fixed scrolling with mouse wheel
- PowerPoint: Next animation step could not always be started with the arrow keys

+ Presentation: automatically detect aspect ratio of presentation/projector

+ Schedule: Added an option for increasing the height of the items (for touch screen)

- Insert website: fixed a problem if a website was already in the list of recent websites

+ DVD: show cursor while a menu is visible
+ Search: New option "ignore diacritics" (Tools->Options->Other) treats diacritics like normal letters(é = e, ä = a, ß = "ss")
* Note: when you open the search function for the first time the index needs to be recreated. This could take a a little time.

+ Printing: The color of the bass chord can be set separately
- Chords View: fixed access violation when right clicking on empty space

+ Videos: ignore the event EC_ERRORABORT with error code NS_E_INVALID DATA when playing *.wmv video
+ Songs: New button: Reset verse order
+ Songs: Link audio file with song
- Fixed a problem with playing DVDs
- Fixed a problem with chord placement
- Fixed a problem when loading a broken bible file
- Chord Editor: Fixed a rare crash when closing the chord editor
* PowerPoint Viewer 2010 (experimental): fixed a small issue when starting the presentation

- Fixed a problem with chord placement
- Default bible background was not saved when the filename contained Russion characters
- DVD: The Navigation menu was not shown when using certain DVD codecs

+ Songs: set maximal number of lines per page
+ Tools->Options->Songs: new option "title on separate page"
* PowerPoint Viewer 2010 (experimential): New function for embedding the viewer (does not look very nice during the import, but a more reliably import is better than a perfect looking GUI during the import)
- Schedule Export: Fixed a problem when exporting songs (if a song was saved on a different drive than the song folder)
- PanEdit, TimecodeEdit: Arrow keys did not work
- PowerPoint: starting the presentation with the arrow keys did not work

- Windows 8: Fixed an issue with copying files to the clipboard
- Songs: Fixed an issue with custom verse markers

+ PowerPoint: PowerPoint 2013 sometimes appears to hang when closing a presentation

+ OSX: command line switches now must start with "-"
+ Insert->Website: Remember most recent URLs
+ rtmp:// will be recognized as video url

+ rtsp:// will be recognized as video url

+ Improved displaying of PDF files

- FLV Videos: Fixed opening with VLC player

- PowerPoint: Fixed a problem with auto advance when used together with and loop

+ Formatting: Text alignment for 2nd language
+ Formatting: Outline width: "wide"
- Schedule Verse order: Verses that are not included in the default verse order can now be included in the individual verse order

+ Video: Clicking on "Play with VLC Media Player" did not work for *.mp4 videos if QuickTime was not installed
+ Windows 8.1: Fixed issue with monitor scaling
+ Schedule: Added "Edit verse order" to context menu
+ Import Song/Bible: Import SongBeamer *.bib bibles
+ Help -> "Reactivate "Don't show again" messages
- Schedule: Edit should reload the song if the current song was edited
- Windows 8.1: Fixed a bad speed issue when displaying texts on Windows 8.1
- Clicking on a slide focused the presentation window

- Added Dutch translation

- Fixed a crash related to video playback

+ Verse order can be saved in the schedule
+ Print Preview: Added another zoom value
- PowerPoint: Bug fixes for "RPC Server unavailable"
- PowerPoint: Reduced flickering when showing the first ppt slide

+ PDF and PowerPoint presentations can be found using the search (this will search in the filename only)
- PowerPoint: Fixed a white screen that was shown on some PCs after presenting a PowerPoint presentation

+ Options: Text Settings & Colors: New option "Frame", "Frame Width" and "Frame Padding"

+ Background: New menu item: "Open with windows Explorer" when clicking on a folder name
+ Slide Show: New control for remaining time
* Thumbnails: Improved border with option "pattern"
+ (BETA) Dark color scheme for main window
+ Moved song index into folder for local application data
+ SongSelect Import: Results can now be sorted alphabetically (click into the listbox with the right mouse button)
+ SongBeamer HTML Tag: <frame>...</frame>

+ Background Manager: Bible text can now be shown in a predefined rectangle

+ SongSelect Import: CCLI Song # is displayed in the preview
+ Startup: Improved error message if a folder could not be created
+ PowerPoint 2007, 2010, 2013: Improved loop when using the SongBeamer "auto advance" function
+ Show website: Script errors are suppressed
+ Timer: Improved performance
+ SBHtml: New tag: <posy:xx>
* SongSelect Import: Improved error message if SongSelect fails because of a wrong timestamp

+ SongSelect Import: Fixed problem with songs containing a "/" in the title

+ PowerPoint: "Presenter - Next" improved handling of powerpoint animations
+ PowerPoint 2007, 2010, 2013: clicking in current slide shows the next animation step

+ SongSelect Import: It is possible to copy a song to the clipboard using Ctrl+C
* PowerPoint: Reduced flickering when starting a presentation
* PowerPoint: Current slides remains visible when switching to a different item (this is not yet implemented for the viewer)

+ Search Bible: double clicking on a result closes the dialog
+ Installation folder of VLC player is read from the registry
- Song Search: Fixed problem with finding songs that have a superfluous "." in the filename
- Schedule: Edit->"Add current item to schedule" didn't work with powerpoint presentations

+ Video: It is possible to launch the VLC player from within SongBeamer
+ Customize Keyboard: Shortcut F5 can be customized, too
* Renamed Worship Leader View to "Chords View"
- Background Video: Switching a background from Video to Image was not accepted until reloading the current song
- Background Manager: "Reset Color" was not always applied correctly

+ Song Editor: New color selector
+ Songs: If a song doesn't have a language count assigned, 1 will be used as default

+ Added audio formats: *.m4a, *.flac (if a suitable audio codec is installled on your system)
+ Support for Windows 8
- Chords view: Scrollbar was not updated when resizing the window

+ Edit song: Added new button for filtering categories

+ SongSelect Import: Added info about wrong system time when connection error 12057 is shown
+ Statistics: CCLI Song number is written to the statistics
+ Slide Show: Number of images is shown in the editor
+ Chord Editor: Added tool for replacing chords

+ Videos: Stop position cannot be before the start position anymore
+ DVD: DVD start position can be transfered between PCs (needs Windows Vista or better)
* Videos: Improved display of start and stop position
* Song Editor: improved spin edits

+ Background manager: It is now possible to select more than one song in the schedule and assign a background to all of them at once
+ Printing: Printer selection box is now sorted alphabetically
+ Printing: Show printer status
+ Bible: Font for 2nd translation can be changed separately
+ Printing: Fixed problem with font size

+ Song import from text file: It is now possible to select more than one file
+ Song import from text file: Improved formatting
- Song search: Searching by song number returned too many results

+ SongSelect Import: show info about possibly wrong time zone when authorisation fails
+ Copyright display: Added CCLISONGNUMBER for CCLI Song number
- Fixed problem when a configuration file was broken

+ SongSelect Import: Highlight search phrase

+ SongSelect Import: Text updates
- Tools->Customize: "Presentation: Chorus (next)"

+ SongSelect Import: Now we use the SongSelect API for best user experience
+ Improved bible verse lookup

- PowerPoint Viewer: Fixed problem when when loading a slideshow that used the "Split" transition
- Chord Editor: Custom chord: Shortcuts for copy&paste had no effect
- Fixed import problem for some *.exe files in Adobe® Flash® format

- Song Editor: Fixed probelm with "Add Language" when a song had 0 languages
- SongSelect Import: Number of languages is now set to 1 (instead of 0)

+ Optionens: Increased maximum font size of translation to 200%

+ Song Editor: Added "Paste" button
- Slide Show: Preview images were wrong on somce PCs

+ Settings: Added note that "Ignore aspect ratio" is for background videos only
+ Import Schedule: Import is not canceled when an error occurs
+ Export Schedule: Added *.pdf
+ Font selection in Windows 7: Hidden fonts will note be shown anymore
+ Schedule: Background color of items can be changed

+ Slide transltions: transition time can now be set more preciseldy
- Settings: Fixed problem with line spacing on some PCs

+ Antialias for images in the slideshow
- Fixed problem when saving images with Fuji makernotes

- Songs: the alignment of the last copyright lin was wrong
- Backgroundvideo/SBREmote: fixed "Could not convert variant of type (Error) into type (OleStr)"

+ Schedule: Templates
+ Live Video: "Most recently used DirectShow Filters" now works for live video, too
+ Menu: Add macro as menu item
+ Printing: Fixed problem with font size calculation
* Menu: removed schedule pop from customization

+ Schedule: Properties of label opens edit label dialog
+ Add Label: added button "Add to schedule"

- Fixed a problem with video backgrounds

- Printing: Number of copies was not shown correctly in the printer setup dialog
- Songs: video backgrounds: Video was not shown when using "Show background only" after loading a song

- Print: "List index out of bounds" when trying to print empty song

+ Songs: primary language was not read correctly from schedule

+ Display PDF documents

* F5 starts presentation with current page

+ Slideshow: is not saved to the schedule
+ Slideshow: added button for exporting slideshow to file
+ Transitions: changed default transition to crossfade
+ Bible: searching for"NGÜ" switches to German "Neue Genfer Übersetzung 2011"
+ Videos: quickstart for *.wmv videos
+ Backgroundmanager: treat *.mov as video even if it is not registered in Windows as video
* DVD: improved stability
* SlideShow: removed SongBeamer 1.x slideshow
- DVD: fixed display of subpicture streams
- Song editor: fixed combobox for speed

+ Songs: Added field for time signature (4/4, 6/8, ...)
- PowerPoint: fixed a problem with displaying PowerPoint files that are protected against modification

+ Video: error message if a codec is missing
+ Slideshow: could not paste into edit fields using Ctrl+V
* Improved compatibility with large screen dpi

+ set DPI Aware flag

+ Added message box about missing multimonitor support on Windows 7 Starter
- fixed: OBJECT expected on line 1
- fixed: Canvas does not allow painting

+ Windows 7: disabled "Aero-Peek" for presentation
+ Improved support for PowerPoint Viewer 2010 (Beta)
+ Song Editor: new field tempo
- Fixed "Merge Schedule"

+ Audio/Video: new display editor for current position
+ Find Song: mouse wheel can be used for scrolling the preview
- SlideShow: Fixed "Stretch images to full frame"
- Chords editor: fixed calculation of chords positions on Windows 7

- Printing: fixed problem with custom font

+ Main window: Ctrl++/Ctrl+- for ZoomIn and ZoomOut (on numeric keypad)
+ The current page of a song remains selected when changing the background image
+ Shortcuts for Pre-Chorus can be assigned
+ Chords on presentation: allow font attributs bold and italics
* Background manager: double click on image accepts changes
* Optimizations for PPT Viewer 2010
- Fixed start up problem if a bible file is broken
- Background manager: fixed problem with thumbnail generations

* Audio: Quickstart list now works with relative folders
* Song editor: Focus is restored to the window after "Save as..."
- Export schedule: *.gif images were not exported
- Print: Song number was not printed in Version 4.11a

+ Autocomplete for font selection
+ Bible: AND can be used to search for two separate words
* Print: Improved font size calculation
* Added some more file extensions for QuickTime
- Live Video: Index out of Bounds behoben

* Export schedule: background videos can be exported
- Fixed a problem with SongSelect import

* Improved chord rendering
* Improved quicktime playback
- Fixed a problem with the aspect ratio of some videos when using Windows XP

+ MPO Images can be displayed in 3D
+ Reworked playback of QuickTime movies
+ Save preview images of slideshows
* Schedule: multi selection works with drag&drop
- Bildeditor: EXIF Thumbnail wird beim Speichern von JPG Bildern erneuert

+ Worshipleader View: Added options dialog (click on the worship leader view with the right mouse button)
+ Image Editor: Select custom aspect ratio

+ Customize Keyboard: Added "Black Screen or Current Page"

+ Beta: Support for PowerPoint Viewer 2010
+ Mixobject: Added support for transparent images
+ Languages: Use selected language for all songs (optional)
+ Video: added *.mts as extension for video files
+ Worshipleader View: Added Auto scroll
- Background video: fixed access violation when closing SongBeamer when the video was still playing
- Background video: removed an unnecessary refresh of the screen

- Fixed shutdown problem
- Find Songs: fixed usability issue when "Show all songs for empty search" was selected in the options

+ Import of SongSelect *.usr files
- fixed problem when saving copyrights

+ Print: Option "Print two pages per sheet"
+ Chord editor: Added tool for replacing chords
+ Added support for animated gifs (start the animation with the green arrow!)

+ Customize keyboard: Added new shortcuts

- Background images: Images were loaded as video if they were in the video folder

+ Live Video: Option "Stretch to full screen" (requires Windows Vista or newer)
- Video: Ignore aspect ratio did not work for videos that were assigned to songs using the background manager

+ Comand line switch /si (allows running multiple instances of SongBeamer)

- Audio playback list (experimental)

- DVD: rewind button had no effect

- Background Manager: fixed "Invalid argument to date encode." error message

- Image Editor: Save question was shown twice when closing the editor using the ESC key
- Fixed a bug fix live-video (4.03d)

* Improvements for the PowerPoint Viewer 2007 support
- Background manager: Video tab was shown for the global background options

+ Search: "#"-Key adds song to the schedule and sets the focus back to the search box
+ Improved start speed for MPG-1, dvsd (MiniDV) videos
- A few bugfixes for .csv import

- Color selector: Original color was not displayed correctly
- A Black rectangle was shown on the 1st monitor if output was set to the 2nd monitor, but no 2nd monitor was available

- License key was not accepted on PCs with Chines character set

+ Compatibility fix for PowerPoint 2010 Beta
+ Add website: Hiding the scrollbars is now optional
+ Statistics viewer: write song number to statistics (the Statistics Reader still needs to be updated).
* Improved SongSelect import
* Keys F1..F12 can now be used when an edit control has the focus
- Fixed folder for bibles when installing on a USB stick (now: [Install Folder]\ProgramData\Bibles)

+ Customize Keyboard: Added more items
- Fixed problem with window focus
- Fixed problem with background videos

- Background manager: only one text area should be selectable
- Import Schedule: question "Overwrite file" did not work
- PowerPoint Viewer 2007: Did not work for some *.pptx files

+ Updated SongSelect import to latest changes in SongSelect interface
+ Open schedule in SongReport

+ Added *.mpo and *.jps image types
+ Printing: Made printing of verse order optional
+ Improved error message when video or audio files do not exist
+ Search songs with a certain key

+ Image Editor
+ Improved compatibility with Windows 7
+ Merge 2 schedules
+ Audio: Loop
+ Updated SongSelect import to latest changes in SongSelect interface
+ Reset song index
+ Customize keyboard: Set a global hotkey for presenting the slide that is currently being edited
+ SongBeamer moves the presentation to the second monitor when the second monitor is attached while SongBeamer is already running
+ Options->Song: Show title on every page
+ Options->Song: Show verse order on presentation
+ Added *.odp format (requires PowerPoint 2007 with Service Pack 2)
+ Show period of free updates in About screen
+ Slide show: Show file names of images
+ DVD: Option prefer AC3Filter.net for Audio
+ Script: added property Presentation.AutoAdvance: Boolean;
+ Chords like A(no3) can be added
+ Improved colo dialog
+ SongSelect Import: Remember window size and positio
+ Customize keyboard
+ Remember window position of chord editor
+ Shift+Click on Help-Menu: Show folders for configuration files
+ When trying to register SongBeamer on Vista or Win7: Request admin rights if the key file cannot be written
+ Command line switch /? shows help for command line switches
+ Copyright display: New option "Show on first page"
+ Bible: improved Options dialog
+ Background manager: Added tab for videos
+ Added support for *.flv videos
+ Added support for PowerPoint Viewer 2007
+ Extended search
+ Show most recently used DirectShow filters (Help-Menu)
+ Save desired display language of songs in schedule
+ Bible: Highlight results when searching the bible
+ Find Song: Added option to search all songs in the schedule (Ctrl+P)
+ DVD Renderer: Added option "automatic"
+ DVD: Added buttons for menu navigation
+ Show the required video codec in the video properties dialog
+ Support for Unicode characters
+ Progress bar when rotating images
+ Extended folder options (default folders for option dialogs)
* Improved search speed
* Improved default resolution for *.pcd images
* Chords: Add support for maj9 chord
* Improved timer resolution for "Auto advance"
* Page setup: switched display unit to inch or cm (depending on regional settings in control panel)
* Improved loading speed of background manager
* Optimizations for DVD audio
- Fixed a few DVD issues
- SongBeamer prevented windows from shutting down while the program was running
- Fixed a problem when using "--A" for starting a new page
- Fixed a problem with Live-Video

+ Updated SongSelect Import

+ Support for Windows 7
- Fixed bible display

- Updated SongSelect Import

+ Help-Menu: Rebuild SongIndex
+ Updated SongSelect Import

- Fixed a problem with the context menu in the editor

- Fixed a problem with live-video

- Fixed a problem when editing a song while a message was shown to the congregation
- Could not activate a dockpanel when clicking on a non-edit control (Regression of V3.13a)

- Fixed an access violation if DirectShow could not be initialized

* Updated main menu control
- Fixed a translation bug in the German version

+ Added the "View" menu
- Fixed a problem when playing videos after a fade-out

+ Song-Display: Text outline width can be changed

- Background-Video: Switching songs stopped the background video when the two songs had the same background video assigned

- SongBeamer crahsed with ECipherError when bible file was broken

- Song-Editor: Auto-Fill for verse order listbox had a problem with custom vers markers

- Fixed access violation when presentation size was less than 0 pixels

- SlideShow: Allow adding images using Copy&Paste

* Improved import from CCLI SongSelect

+ Import from CCLI SongSelect

- Length of Flash-Movies (*.swf) was not displayed correctly

+ Printing: also print CCLI SongNumber
+ SlideShow: Ctrl++ increases thumbnail sute, Ctrl+- decreases thumbnail size, Ctrl+Del deletes image from disk into the Recycle Bin)
+ SlideShow: Alphabetical sorting of images that are inserted by Drag&Drop
* Export Schedule: improved export of large files

+ Bible Search: Add verses to the schedule directly from the search dialog
* Extended french translation

+ Audio: Click on the trackbar to jump 30s on the timeline. This can be customized in the pop-up menu.
+ Option "Always use Cleartype"
- Open-Dialogs: Last folder was not always remembered correctly

+ Video: Optimize video resolution is now optional
+ Print: Print comments from the copyright tab
+ Beta: Show presentation on 3rd monitor
+ Search: Show Icon in the dialog if a song has a background image

+ Verse Marker für Verse 1a, Verse 1b, ...
+ Audio-Playback: Click on current time to seek to enter a time to seek to
- Schedule: wrong item was selected when adding a song after having deleted a song

* Song Editor: Show confirmation "Save Changes" after changing the verse order

+ Custom verse order can be used when displaying songs
+ Show XPS documents (this requires .NET 3.0)
+ Show song comments in the main window
+ Loop for a slideshow is now optional
+ Ctrl+J focuses the thumbnail panel
+ Shift+Click on background manager button: Show background manager in docking mode
+ Shift+Click on find button: Show search panel in docking mode
+ SongQA
+ Assign background videos to a song
+ Message to the congregation: Set number of repetitions
+ Save Instant text to the schedule
+ Regular expressions can be used when searching songs
+ Extended "Export schedule"
+ Show two bible translations at the same time
+ Optimized video playback on Vista
+ Presentation in 16:9 wide mode (optional)
+ Songs: Use --A to split verses only when showing all languages of a song
+ Added "Save as" to the song editor
+ Timer (Beta): Do not show AM/PM for the stop watch or countdown
+ Added hints for Video and Live-Video

+ Mixobject: PowerPoint slides can be added to the mixobject (they will be played without animations)

* "Correct letter spacing on video screen notebooks" is now used automatically
- Videos: "Play videos immediately" did not work correctly
+ Mixobject: Added option "2 Pages per Page (identical)

+ Print: Print "Additional Info"

* Import PowerPoint presentations with unicode characters
* Songs: Comment can contain unicode characters
+ File name of schedule can be passed as command line parameter to the application

+ Printing: Optionally add natural sign to "B"
+ Printing: Added option to print chords in bold or italic
- Chords: Removed a dash that was sometimes added to the end of a line

- Backgroundmanager: Background was assigned to a song even if "Apply changes to current song" was not selected
- Print: Verse marker was printed in bold when "Print title on left/right margin" was selected

+ Chord editor: |-character can be used and will be treated correctly when transposing a song
+ Drag&Drop from Vista Photo Gallery to the Slideshow schedule is now possible
+ EVR Renderer for DVD Playback
+ Copyrights: Translator was not always shown correctly

- Check if Flash® is Installed before opening a *.swf file

- Fixed problem with thumbnail creation when switching from PPT to PPT presentation while showing a PPT presentation using the PowerPoint® Viewer 2003

+ Added verse markers "Part A", "Part B", ...
+ Options: Change width of the thumbnail selection frame

* Internal changes

+ Background manager: Added "Flip horizontally" function to the context menu

* More internal changes to the song backgrounds function

* Improvents for the Timer

+ Option "No background" for "Instant Text"
* Internal changes for background images
* When adding a timer to the mixobject: Go to next page when it expires

+ Songs: Lines starting with ##P will be printed, but will not be shown on the presentation
* Mix-Object: Show two Pages per Screen
- Fixed problem with verse markers

* Some improvements to the spanisch translation

- SBScript: Fixed problem with the AddItem function
* Improved the scriptengine

+ Added support for German Luther 1984 translation

+ Print: Added option to print the same page twice per sheet
* Thumbnails: Optimized thumbnail size when only displaying one big thumbnail on a video screen laptop
* Mixobject: Options Mix / Append
- "Sharing Violation" behoben, wenn ein Song von zwei SongBeamern genau gleichzeitig geladen wurde
- Live-Video Logik für Hauppauge Win TV PCI 44804 erweitert

* SBScript: Added new parameter to the AddItem function
- Bugfix: Del-Key always removed item from schedule when "Remove from List" has been added to the main menu by the user

* Spanish translation is nearly complete
* Folder for user files can now be relative
- Script: Fixed GetFolder_ProgramFiles

+ User defined verse markers with $$M=
* Spannish translation of SongEditor

+ Started with spanish translation

+ Pinnacle 510-USB can now be used with SongBeamer

* Improved Live-Video on Vista

* Workaround for live video display driver Bug for Intel965 on Vista

+ Option to change size of copyright of bible
- Bugfixes for playing video and flash

+ Insert label: Remember last used color
* Add bible verse to schedule: Bible verses can now be added without opening them first
* Bible: Improved display of verse numbers

* Optimized switching from PPT to PPT presentations

- Slideshow: Fixed problem when images were removed from the slideshow while thumbs were still loading

+ Entf removes images from the background manager
* Improved speed when removing many images from the slideshow
* Filenames with unicode characters can be used in a slideshow
- Textpreview doesn't shows the first line instead of the vers marker

+ Extended bible module for verses with a/b

+ Hotkey Ctrl+Pos1: Display 1st song/first slide
+ DVD modul rewritten
+ Allow opening songs from http
* Chord editor: improvements and bugfixes

+ PowerPoint Viewer can show presentations with unicode filenames.

Fixed problem with bible verse lookup

+ Optional printing of verse tags
- Options: Fixed minor problem with the "Browse..." button

- Number of visible thumbnails was not correctly restored

- Vista: Fixed problem with showing PowerPoint Presentations

+ PowerPoint Viewer can now be used in Vista 64
* Prepared thumbnail view for new functions
- Message to the congregation: Button sometimes was incorrectly marked as down
- Function "Previous Song " did not have any effects after closing the current item

- Fixed problem with Live Video when using an ATI display adapter

+ User changes to the toolbar will be remembered after an update (if possible)
* Toolbar: Auto-Advance time is now available per drop down menu
- Printing: Copyright needs automatic wordwrapping

- Open/Save dialogs did not function correctly when using Vista

- SongEditor: "Copy from Author" did not work any more (2.40)

+ Chord Editor: Improvied recognition of international chords
* SlideShow: Improved EXIF display
* Function "Presenter - Next" can also be used for videos
* Schedule: Does not scroll to top anymore after deleting items
* Improved support for unicode

+ Find Song: Ctrl+Enter opens Song
+ PowerPoint Viewer 2003 + 2007: Viewer will start with the selected page
+ Schedule: Autoscroll to the selected item
+ Schedule: Multiple items can be moved at once
* Command "Presenter - Next" immediately displays the first slide of a new item

+ Slideshow: Multiple items can be moved at once
+ Songeditor: Added "Interlude" to slide captions
+ EXIF thumbnail will be updated when rotating images
+ Added option to stretch background videos to full screen without aspect ratio
- Command "Next Page/Song" did not work as expected

- Fixed dialog title for "Import Schedule"
- Could not select a single color as background in the options dialog
- SongBeamer did not start when using Windows 98

+ Bible import now works without admin rights
+ Settings: Disable hardware overlay for video playback
+ Merge schedule (Append items at end)
* New icons for schedule (New, Save, Open)

+ Present Flash animation embedded in *.exe Files
- Flash animation now show correct length

+ Added more details to song statistics
- Setting VMR7 as DVD Renderer was not remembered correctly

+ Added "Insert" menu
+ Added dialog for "Add webpage" (Beta)
+ Added possibility to not display CCLI number for certain songs
- Songs containing a tab character could not be printed correctly

* Improved bible import

* "Next Song" opens first item in the schedule if no item has been opened
- Fixed bug when changing the primary display language for a song
- Fixed bug with paragraph spacing

+ Options for title font and linespacing

- Fixed problem with Win98

+ New option for playing Quicktime videos with DirectShow (requires Codec)

+ Import/Export for schedule (only songs and backgrounds)
+ Verse marker "Pre-Chorus"
+ Slideshow can now be edited using the popup menu from the schedule
+ Hotkey "T" for Bridge

+ Unicode for chord editor

+ Added unicode preview to the search function
- Fixed bug when printing songs containing multiple languages
- Japanese characters could not be entered

- Fixed a problem when the search term includes a comma
- Fixed a bug when playing QuickTime videos.

+ Added option to move the 2nd language of a slide to the dop (if you have multilingual songs)
+ Removed border around html documents when displaying them

+ Added new file extensions for Quicktime Player

+ Songeditor: When opening the editor, the cursor will be moved to the current slide

+ Added drag&drog from Windows Explorer to the schedule

+ Schedule shows icons for some items

- Fixed bug with videos

+ DVD Stop Position
* Improved volume sliders
- Some bugfixes

* Improved support for mpg video capture cards
- Fixed some hints in the song editor

+ Background Manager: EXIF Thumbnails can be recreated
+ CCLI, Bible, Songbook, and Photo-Copyright can be shown with the copyrights in a song
* Improved starting and stopping of background videos
- fixed "TSFSHugeFile.Read - Stream read error"
- some minor bugfixes

+ Added new file extensions for PowerPoint 2007
- Fixed problem when showing html files

* Mouse pointer will be shown over DVD (again)
- Fixed a problem in the German translation

+ Bible: Added option to select language for bible captions
* Editor: line for maximum recommended text width can be repositioned
- Fixed a bug when creating thumbnails when using PowerPoint Viewer 2003

+ New Transition: Random
+ Editor: Marker for maximum recommended text width
* Video playback: Mouse cursor will not be shown over videos
- Last used bible will be selected on startup

+ Songs: You can now display any combinations of the languages in a song (Click the language icons while holding down Ctrl!)
+ Songs: Caption of language icons will be shown in gray if the language is not available
+ Printing: Optionally print only the currently shown language
+ Added three new transitions

+ Added automatic wordwrap for songs (optional)
- Schedule: Fixed bug when copying items

+ Video: start and stop times will be saved on the schedule
* Improved behaviour when opening Flash movies
- Bible: Bible font settings didn't always work as expected

+ Shadow Depth can be changed
+ Play DVD in background

+ SongBeamer HTML<&at> displays @
+ Option: Change key mapping for arrow keys

+ PowerPoint Import: Imported songs will be added to the schedule
+ Printing: Adjust font size for translation

* Improved support for PowerPoint Viewer 2003
* Improved DVD Playback
* Video: Start and Stop times will be displayed more clearly

+ Volume for Video & DVD
+ Subtitle selection for DVD
+ Video: Set Start and Stop times
- Fixed a minor bug with DVD placback

* Optimizations for videos in background
- Fixed problem with minimized dock panels

+ Bible: Hide verse numbers on presentation
+ Bibel: Select multiple verses while holding down shift
+ %MY DOCUMENTS% as shortcut for the my documents folder (Tools->Options->Folder)