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License type: Demo
Language: English
File size: approx. 116 MB
OS versions: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11

Download SongBeamer 6.09b (January 26th, 2024):

  Download Update
SongBeamer for macOS Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey, Ventura 64-Bit (Dec 3rd 2022)



Language: English
File Size: ca. 30 MB

Use this plugin to print a list of all available songs.

Download SongReport Version 6.00 (Oct 28th 2023):

Statistics Viewer 1.0a (July 5th 2008)

Optional Downloads

Importer Easyworship


+ New command line parameter: /sblocalappdata
+ Song overview: The parameter /sbappdata is passed to the song overview
+ Stage Monitor: Problem with displaying the last page in the text view fixed
+ Stage Monitor: "Song text view" renamed to "Text view"

+ Video: Video options are now saved individually per video
+ Video: Defaults for video options and properties can be set
+ Song search: Key combination Ctrl+I opens SongSelect Import. The SongSelect Import can thus be opened quickly via Ctrl+F,Ctrl+I.
+ YouTube: Attempt to make starting YouTube videos more reliable
+ Font engine: Experimental font fallback to "Nirmala UI" (for Tamil)
+ Stage Monitor: Text view also for PowerPoint presentations
+ Help: Link to YouTube tutorials
* Features in preparation: Stage Monitor Text View for Bible, Stage Monitor Message

+ New options for the Stage Monitor (text view for songs)
+ Video: Options for video end action and playback speed (will be saved in the schedule)
- Video: potential crash fixed

+ Font engine: Is now also used for the timer
- Access Violation at start fixed

+ Schedule: Edit web page entries
+ Font selection box: Speed improvements, font preview restored
+ Message to the assembly: Color selection dialog modernized
- Videos: Video played in the background should not be sent via NDI

- Font selection box: Access Violation fixed if no font is selected
- Settings: Problem fixed if no screen resolutions were available for a connected monitor

+ Font engine: Italics is emulated if the font does not have such characters
* Dark Mode: Optimizations
* Midi options: Dialog was too large for some PCs
* Song Editor: improved marking of languages
* Font selection box: Style adjustments
- Toolbar: Access Violation at Stage Monitor Button fixed, if no Stage Monitor is connected

+ Midi-In: Control of videos

+ Help: Option to deactivate the license
- Midi: Midi works again with the 64-bit version

+ Font engine: Is now also used for the songs
+ Shading: Transparency selectable (currently only works for background images, video will follow...)
+ NDI: Transfer videos, 64-bit strongly recommended, the function requires a relatively large amount of RAM
+ Stage Monitor: Button to hide content
- Bible: Display problems in the search result dialog fixed
- Stage Monitor: Selecting default layout for PowerPoint did not work
- Stage Monitor: Access violation when adding text fixed

+ Stage Monitor: Default layouts for songs, PowerPoint and other objects can be defined
+ Properties: "Open path" closes the properties dialog
+ PowerPoint: "Edit" menu now opens PowerPoint
+ Customize keyboard: Keyboard shortcuts can be system-wide
+ Edit objects: Handling improved when the presentation object is changed while an object is being edited
+ Stage Monitor command: Layout name is also displayed in the flowchart

+ "Open path" now opens Windows Explorer in the foreground
+ Song overview: Support for new song overview 6.00
+ Font engine: Uniscribe support (Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, ...) for the presentation
- Font engine: Underlining works again

6.06b x64
- Stage Monitor: Song text objects with size < 10 pixels are ignored

6.06a x64
+ Songs: New verse marker "Tag"
+ XPS Documents: Support for x64 bit version (fixed installation only, no USB stick)

6.06 x64
+ Video: Audio output device selectable
+ Bible: Bugfixes for new text engine
Known problem: RTL text output (e.g. Arabic) not yet completely correct
- PowerPoint: Display problem with 64-bit version fixed
- PDF: Problem with 64-bit version fixed

6.05a x64 (Preview)
+ Bible: Text output with new engine

- Song search: Fixed a problem where the song index was not updated correctly

+ "Open path" now opens Windows Explorer in the foreground
+ Song overview: Support for new song overview 6.00
+ Font engine: Uniscribe support (Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, ...) for the presentation
- Font engine: Underlining works again

6.06b x64
- Stage Monitor: Song text objects with size < 10 pixels are ignored

6.06a x64
+ Songs: New verse marker "Tag"
+ XPS Documents: Support for x64 bit version (fixed installation only, no USB stick)

6.06 x64
+ Video: Audio output device selectable
+ Bible: Bugfixes for new text engine
Known problem: RTL text output (e.g. Arabic) not yet completely correct
- PowerPoint: Display problem with 64-bit version fixed
- PDF: Problem with 64-bit version fixed

6.05a x64 (Preview)
+ Bible: Text output with new engine

- Song search: Fixed a problem where the song index was not updated correctly

+ YouTube: YouTube URLs with start time are supported
+ PowerPoint: NDI and Stage are updated when the event for next page of PowerPoint is triggered
+ PowerPoint: Warning if PowerPoint version is not yet supported
+ NDI: "Show chords" option
+ OSC: LiveVideo
* OSC: Bugfix for /osc/video/state; values of the enums corrected!
- OSC: /info /xinfo now also report the letter of the version number
- OSC: Actions now return a "1" when they are called
- Disable presentation: Access Violation if no NDI was active
- Video: Crash (Deadlock) bei Videowiedergabe behoben

+ Bible import from XML: Superfluous spaces are removed
+ Background manager: New version of Shell Treeview (ready for 64bit)

+ New options for Midi Out
- Regression from 6.04 fixed: If several slides had the same title, the program jumped to the first slide with this title

+ LibreOffice Impress integration
+ New scripting engine (ready for 64bit)
+ Button: Hide presentation (Note: does not work for PowerPoint, Impress)
+ OSC: Float is accepted as alternative for integer
+ OSC: Improvements
- Chord editor: Mouse wheel can be used for scrolling

- Color scheme change: Video playback now also works after color scheme change
- OSC: Error on activation

+ Separate settings for shading / padding for presentation and NDI
+ Shading for Bible

+ Song Editor: Marking of languages improved (it's not perfect yet)
+ SongSelect: Workaround for timeout error messages

+ Warning when displaying web pages if the old Internet Explorer engine is used
+ Video: "Start video immediately" did not work reliably
+ YouTube: Improvements for the automatic start of YouTube videos
+ Songs: Look up CCLI number: Selection dialog if the song could not be identified
+ Darkmode improved

+ Preparations for 64-bit version
+ CCLI song number lookup: numbers in the title are removed before the search, as some communities write the song number in the title
+ Toolbar: "Large symbols" option is evaluated at program start
+ Songs are now always saved in UTF-8 format
- CCLI Automatic reporting: "Warning if song number is missing" option was not always saved

+ CCLI: Songs can be removed from the message list with "Del".
+ Video: Stability improvement
+ VG Music Edition Reporting

+ Songs: Maximum font size increased to 100 (unnecessarily large values reduce speed)
- Songs: Different maximum number of lines for NDI/projection: Paragraph spacing corrected when merging pages
- Stability improvement when using the Edge browser engine
- Stage Monitor: "Show background only" has ignored keying color
- Stage Monitor: Access violation when only the preview of the next page is shown and the current page is not shown
* Known issue: After changing the color scheme, SongBeamer must be restarted for background videos to work

+ CCLI: look up song number
+ CCLI: optional warning when opening a song if the song number is missing
+ YouTube videos: Workaround to start videos automatically again (simulates mouse click on video)
+ Songs: maximum font size increased to 80
- Text view: "List index out of bounds" fixed when "Copyright on extra page" is selected

- Text view: "List index out of bounds" fixed when "Copyright on extra page" is selected
- Flowchart: Entries can be selected by touch again

- Fixed Access Violation when closing SongBeamer

+ Dark Mode: Open/Save dialog excluded from Dark Mode, so that modern dialogs are used again (if system-wide Dark Mode is active, they remain dark)
+ SongSelect: If you hold down the Shift key while clicking on "CCLI Login" or "Logout", the login/logout is done via the web browser.
* Known problem: After switching from color scheme SongBeamer has to be restarted for background videos to work

+ Dark Mode: font color of tooltips in toolbar is now white

+ Verse order: song preview
- Dark Mode bug fixes

- Dark Mode bug fixes


- Dark Mode bug fixes


+ CCLI SongSelect Import: Import chords
+ CCLI Automatic Message (optional)
+ Dark Mode optimizations
* Changes in handling of schedule entries in DarkMode (please save old schedule from SongBeamer 5.x in Light Mode, otherwise they will not be read correctly)
- fixed deadlock when closing SongBeamer under Linux/wine
- fixed crash when closing Webview (workaround)

+ Import from (SongSelect) ChordPro (requires active update permission just like SongSelect import)
+ Show song as QR code (in OnSong format)
+ SongSelect: error message for error 12057 improved
+ Stage Monitor: Copyright display optional
- Stage Monitor: different options for current page and preview page possible
- Print: When printing "Copyright on Extra Page", "Copyright" is no longer printed as extra heading
- CCLI SongSelect Import: Problem with umlauts in certain songs fixed

+ NDI: Option for reduced bandwidth at the expense of reliability
+ NDI: Optional sending of PowerPoint presentations (without animations)
+ Menu View: color scheme selectable (darkmode)
+ SongBeamer HTML: optional line break ("word break opportunity")
+ (Beta) OSC control (manual: https://download.songbeamer.de/SongBeamer-OSC.zip)

+ Songs: Shading: New option "Minimum width".
+ Color selection dialog: Problem with 4K monitors fixed


+ Video change background video/normal video improved
+ NDI: Text position now also applies to Bible

+ Live video: Selected device is saved
+ SongBeamer Script: LiveVideo commands open the Live Video tab only the first time
+ SongBeamer Script: LiveVideo camera selection
+ Remote control via OSC (Beta)
- Flowchart: Edit context menu: Problems fixed if song is in schedule.col\Songs folder

+ Optimizations for 4K monitors
+ Schedule: Bugfixes for repeats
+ SongBeamer script: New commands added

+ Copyreport, Web pages: Use Edge browser on Windows 10/11 (if installed).
+ Schedule: Number of repetitions adjustable
- Regressions: Access Violation on Autocomplete Edits, main window position is saved again


+ Schedule: Repetitions
+ Compiler Update
+ New system requirement: Windows 7 (SP1+) or newer

+ Bible: Info button for copyright of translation
+ NDI: Optional background color (for video keying)
+ NDI: Image is now sent all the time and not only on updates (but now needs more CPU)
+ Schedule with subfolder "Songs". Songs in this folder are now loaded preferentially (instead of the songs in the Songs folder). So you can open an exported schedule without importing the songs.
+ Multi-Monitor Setup removed (as irrelevant for all current operating systems)

+ Bible: Display of the translation in the schedule supports additional translations
+ Songs: optional output in capital letters
+ Window size and position from main form is saved
+ Settings: The configuration file SBConfig.sfs4 is automatically recreated if it is broken
+ NDI: Optional sending of PDF and XPS files

+ NDI output: Individually adjustable by object (e.g. do not output images via NDI)
+ Bible: Display of the translation in the flowchart
+ Songs: Lines hidden with ##H are not counted into the maximum number of lines

- Verse order: Problem with different maximum line count in presentation and NDI output fixed

+ Presentation output: Different maximum line count for presentation and NDI output
+ Stage Monitor: optionally darken preview page
+ Timer: optional display without seconds
* Pan Edit Controls: improvements for 4K monitors
- Show Chords: font size setting was inconsistent with other font sizes

+ Songs: "Copyright on extra page" option
+ Songs: Extra page for title: only shown if the song has a title too
+ Songs: Padding for shading adjustable (negative values are allowed)
+ Output on NDI: Font size for songs separately adjustable

+ Shading: Design improved
+ Shading: Color is configurable again

+ Bible: Output size limitation corrected
+ Stage Monitor Layout: "Add" button enabled
+ Songs: Title on extra page: Vertical title position adjustable

+ Bible output on NDI

+ Customize -> Keyboard: Dialog now distinguishes between NumPad digits and normal digits
- NDI: Access Violation when arrow keys or F5 were pressed although no presentation was loaded
- DVD: Access Violation when switching from DVD to Video fixed

+ NDI output: New option "Shading with transparency"
+ Preview images: Captipons in dark mode adjusted
+ Output to text file: OBS Studio suddenly doesn't tolerate UTF8 markup (BOM) in text file, so it's not written anymore.
+ YouTube: Improved performance
+ Internet Explorer: Internet Explorer FeatureControl Keys are now reset every time SongBeamer is launched
+ Settings Dialog: Speed improvement when closing
+ Midi Control: Midi signal for "Logo"
+ Options: Feature removed: "Character spacing correction for widescreen notebooks"
- Stage Monitor: "List index out of bounds" when switching from stage monitor layout fixed

+ Midi control
+ SongSelect Import: added new requirements for the song preview
- Output to textfile: empty lines were written multiple times

+ Toolbar: Ctrl+Backspace deletes the previous word
+ Customize Keyboard: Added a new shortcut for "Auto Advance"
- Stage Monitor: Support the command line argument /sbappdata for editing the layout

- NDI Optionen: Fixed saving of the NDI color profile

+ CCLI Copyreport: Adjustments to the new webpage
+ Stage Monitor: Song area: new option for transparent background

+ NDI: Do not output the background of the mix object

+ NDI: custom formatting is now possible
- Schedule export: fixed "Control has no parent window" error

+ Assignment of the monitors is now very flexible

+ Output to text file: output is ignored if the folder for the text file does not exist
+ NDI: output is enabled immediately after enabling NDI
- Stage Monitor: preview page is emptied if the last page is displayed
- PowerPoint: Closing PowerPoint took very long for some users. We now do not close PowerPoint anymore after displaying a PowerPoint presentation.

+ New settings for NDI output

- NDI/Stage Monitor: the stage monitor did not display PowerPoint slides when the stage monitor was active

+ Songs, Instant text: the symbol "@" is now only recognized as marker for repetitions if there is a space in front of it. This fixes problems when adding E-Mail addresses to songs.
+ Renamed the chord view to text view
- NDI: removed error message when switching PowerPoint pages

+ NDI: Is now always displayed at the bottom
+ Flash: removed Flash support from the insert menu

- Changing the color scheme flagged the schedule to "changed"
- Output to text file: removed superfluous lines when displaying the 2nd language
- Output to text file: fixed writing the bible verse reference
- Output to text file: clear the text file when loading a new object
- Message to the congregation: scrolling text was sometimes cut off at the right

+ Background: "Use this background only" was ignored if a song had a background video assigned
+ Songs: improved the speed of the text output
+ NDI Output (Beta)

+ Live-Video: Improvements for video devices that offer both HD and SD resolutions, but do not work with 50 fps

+ Output: remember the output options for the text file
- Songs: Fixed display when a centered line was too long

+ Output: Write the bible verse reference into the text file
* Preparations for new functions

+ Live-Video: Improvements for cameras that have both HD and SD resolution
+ Output: Record the output into a SubRip (*.srt) subtitle file
+ Output: Write the current slide into a text file (als Quelle für OBS Studio)
- Song Formatting: maximum number of lines per page did not always work as expected

+ SongBeamer Remote: now also controls the stage monitor
+ Background manager: speed optimizations
+ Songs: speed optimizations
+ Darkmode Button: allow this button to disable the dark mode

* Stage monitor: Added option for several layouts (in development)
- Song display: Paragraph spacing stopped working in SongBeamer 5.03b
- Printing: Fixed access violation when cancelling the print dialog

+ Video: last frame does not keep showing anymore when the video has finished playing
+ Text View: Added a new option to hide the chords
+ Text display: new option for shade
+ Video: Clicking on the video length label switches between remaining time and duration
+ Video: automatic stop at the end of the video
+ Diashow: Sort images by exif date
- Presentation Size: The dialog should remain in front when using only one monitor
- Stage Monitor: Fixed a bug for the preview
- Printing: SongBeamer appeared to be hanging when printing a lot of pages

+ Insert -> Video: Added filter for *.*
+ Monitor list is sorted to get a more consistent monitor assignment

+ Bible Import: Support Russian booknames
- SongSelect Import: Fixed memory error after first login

+ Timer: now supports background video
+ Timer: Do not show the hour if it is "0"
- Bible Import: The Bible will be imported in unicode even if only the book names use special characters

+ Timer: Text formatting will be saved
- Schedule Backup: workaround for a problem that security software sometimes locked the schedule backup file

+ Song Search: added button "SongSelect Import"
+ Improvements for 4K monitors

+ New script function: GetFolder_SBScripts
* Diashow quality: improved quality of the preview images
- Command line argument /SBProgramData did not work for the bible folder
- Adding songs using the command line should not start a new instance of SongBeamer
- Display website: Fixed compatibility with 4K monitors
- Text display: improved vertical centering

- Stage Monitor: Stage Monitor command does not stop background videos anymore
- Videos: Fixed Access Violation when playing videos
- CCLI Copyreport: Script error messages are blocked

+ Experimential support for PowerPoint from the Microsoft Store

- Videos: bugfixes and stability improvements

+ Printing: Added an option for changing the copyright font size
- SongBeeamer did not notice when a new monitor was connectedangeschlossen wurde

- Bugfixes when opening the info dialog and the slideshow editor
- Changed the internal name of the main window

+ Stage Monitor: Switching powerpoint slides with the arrow keys projected the wrong page on the stage monitor
+ Videos: Selecting an item in the schedule does not stop the current video anymore

+ Importing songs from PowerPoint: *.pps files are now shown in the file open dialog

+ Automatic backup of the schedule if SongBeamer is not shut down correctly
+ File-Menu: The 10 most recent schdules are now available for quick access
* The settings dialog now opens faster

+ Integrated Video Codecs
+ Stage Monitor
+ PDF: Improved PFD rendering
+ Report CCLI CopyReport from inside SongBeamer
+ Options: "Total items" changed to "Items per Row"
+ Edit label: current color will be loaded correctly
+ Shortcut '.' for fading in/out of the current slide
+ Printing: New formatting options for copyright
+ Printing: Settings for CAPO
+ PowerPoint: new setting: "hide cursor"
+ Faster loading of videos
+ New setting: Open Schedule autosave when starting SongBeamer
+ Closing SongBeamer: SongBeamer now always asks if you want to save the changes (unless you're working with the file autosave.col)
+ File Menu: Show the four most recent schedules for quick access
* Video playback requires Windows Vista
- Append schedule: Icons will also be imported
- Preview monitor should be identical to the SongBeamer main window
- Fixed issue with initializing the monitors
- Fixed: SongBeamer locks up when creating preview images
- Videos will not be closed when switching to the next song using the arrow keys

+ PowerPoint Viewer: Fixed "Class has no parent window"

+ Further optimizations for 4K monitors

+ Improved support of YouTube Videos
- Options -> Projection: Current resolution of the projector will be preselected
- Switching from PowerPoint to logo, instant text and test image did not work

+ Live Video now optionally with audio
+ Show Youtube Videos

+ SongSelect Login Dialog: Imporved notice how to find the CCLI license number
- "Invalid class typecast" when minimizing tabs

+ Further optimizations for 4K monitors
+ Detection of Windows Tablet Mode (Windows 10)
- Schedule: Properties dialog can show filenames of imported images correctly
- Schedule: Imported images cannot be edited using the context menu

+ Most recently used DirectShow Filters: Show "Reference Clock"
+ Edit Song: Select background video from file: Added .MP$ as file extension
+ Stage Monitor: Layout changes will be adapted immediately

- Text formatting: wide outline did not use respect the color setting
- Text preview: Fixed font size for songs with translation
- Stage Monitor: Fixed"Canvas does not allow drawing"

* Removed "Always use Cleartype" setting, because it is too slow in Windows 10.1703

- Color selection: Fixed "Scanline Index out of Range"

+ Critical Update for Windows 10 Build 1703 "Creators Update": Slides take a long time to display
+ Customize keyboard: shortcuts for Bible "Next verse" and "Previous verse" can be set
+ Song Editor: CCLI Song number can be copied to the clipboard

+ Optimizations for 4K monitors
+ Printing: A verse order that is saved in the schedule can also be used for printing
+ Stage Monitor: Improved timer, countdowns, new options
+ Songs: Improved error messages when loading invalid .sng files
+ Timer: Improved display in the schedule

+ Find Songs: show the church song number
+ Optimizations for 4K monitors (work in progress)
+ Song editor: New editor settings (font name and size)
- Bible: Fixed access violation when using "previous / next verse"

- Background manager (docking): Fixed access violation

+ Background manager (docking): Added support for videos, improved speed

+ Bibel: Use the color of the verse number only for the presentation, not also for the preview panel
+ Stage Monitor (Beta): Diverse Verbesserungen
- PowerPoint Viewer 2010 on Windows 10: Improved compatibility
- Chord editor: Fixed a bug when saving the key
- Chord editor: "Replace"-tool doesn't accept empty chords

- SongSelect: special characters did not work in passwords

+ Added support for the "Elgato Game Capture HD60 S" (HDMI In)
+ Song Editor: Songs will also be added to the schedule when closing the editor results in a "Save as..."
+ Song Editor: Show target key when transposing
+ Chord Editor: Added tools for permanently transposing a song or individual lines
- SongSelect Import: Fixed an issue with importing the key
- Printing: Transposed key was not always shown correctly for keys using ...b chords
- Mixobject: Fixed an issue if the mixobject was created from very many objects

+ Removed support for QuickTime
- The 4th language was not dispalyed in the chords view

+ Support for SBRemote V2 incl. Videos

+ Bible: It is now possible to select right-to-left layout

+ Transitions: duration can be typed (they will be rounded to full 128ms)
+ Experiments with video fade-in

+ Background manager: Improved sorting of images/videos

+ Song: Text preview below text (without chords)
- Songs: Language of text preview depends on the displayed language
- PowerPoint Viewer 2010: Fixed issue when switching pages
- Fixed icons in 32x32 for save/open schedule

+ New icons in size 32x32
+ Internet Explorer: Updated embedded control

+ Background Manager: new color selection dialog for color overlay
+ SongSelect Import: Improved highlighting of results
- PowerPoint 2016: Added support for PowerPoint 2016

- Timer: Fixed issue from version 4.38

+ Mixobject/Timer: the timer can be displayed on top of a slide show
+ Mixobject/Timer: removed transitions of timer in the mixobject
+ Mixobject: added support for PDF files

+ Video: Added new file extensions
+ SongSelect: Improved error messages
+ PDF: Updated PDF library
* PDF: Improved display of rotated pages.

+ New verse marker: Instrumental
+ Improved the Song Index
* Import Schedule: Improved import of schedules created on a Mac

+ Support for PowerPoint® 2016 (previous versions of SongBeamer are NOT compatible with PowerPoint 2016)
+ Customize keyboard: Shortcut for chords view can now be customized

+ New command line param /SBProgramData
+ New folder var %DropBox% for paths
+ Verse order: autocompletion
* Verse order: The reset button should reset to the order that is saved in the song
- Printing: Key of transposed songs is now shown correctly
- Verse order: Hints were not displayed in the dialog

- SongSelect Import didn't work in timezones that don't use daylight saving

+ PowerPoint: Fixed an issue with showing page numbers
+ SongSelect Import: adjustments to the web interface
+ Bible: Improved error messages when importing from Zefania XML

+ Adjustments for Windows 10

* Schedule: fixed scrolling with mouse wheel
- PowerPoint: Next animation step could not always be started with the arrow keys

+ Presentation: automatically detect aspect ratio of presentation/projector

+ Schedule: Added an option for increasing the height of the items (for touch screen)

- Insert website: fixed a problem if a website was already in the list of recent websites

+ DVD: show cursor while a menu is visible
+ Search: New option "ignore diacritics" (Tools->Options->Other) treats diacritics like normal letters(é = e, ä = a, ß = "ss")
* Note: when you open the search function for the first time the index needs to be recreated. This could take a a little time.

+ Printing: The color of the bass chord can be set separately
- Chords View: fixed access violation when right clicking on empty space

+ Videos: ignore the event EC_ERRORABORT with error code NS_E_INVALID DATA when playing *.wmv video
+ Songs: New button: Reset verse order
+ Songs: Link audio file with song
- Fixed a problem with playing DVDs
- Fixed a problem with chord placement
- Fixed a problem when loading a broken bible file
- Chord Editor: Fixed a rare crash when closing the chord editor
* PowerPoint Viewer 2010 (experimental): fixed a small issue when starting the presentation

- Fixed a problem with chord placement
- Default bible background was not saved when the filename contained Russion characters
- DVD: The Navigation menu was not shown when using certain DVD codecs

+ Songs: set maximal number of lines per page
+ Tools->Options->Songs: new option "title on separate page"
* PowerPoint Viewer 2010 (experimential): New function for embedding the viewer (does not look very nice during the import, but a more reliably import is better than a perfect looking GUI during the import)
- Schedule Export: Fixed a problem when exporting songs (if a song was saved on a different drive than the song folder)
- PanEdit, TimecodeEdit: Arrow keys did not work
- PowerPoint: starting the presentation with the arrow keys did not work

- Windows 8: Fixed an issue with copying files to the clipboard
- Songs: Fixed an issue with custom verse markers

+ PowerPoint: PowerPoint 2013 sometimes appears to hang when closing a presentation

+ OSX: command line switches now must start with "-"
+ Insert->Website: Remember most recent URLs
+ rtmp:// will be recognized as video url

+ rtsp:// will be recognized as video url

+ Improved displaying of PDF files

- FLV Videos: Fixed opening with VLC player

- PowerPoint: Fixed a problem with auto advance when used together with and loop

+ Formatting: Text alignment for 2nd language
+ Formatting: Outline width: "wide"
- Schedule Verse order: Verses that are not included in the default verse order can now be included in the individual verse order

+ Video: Clicking on "Play with VLC Media Player" did not work for *.mp4 videos if QuickTime was not installed
+ Windows 8.1: Fixed issue with monitor scaling
+ Schedule: Added "Edit verse order" to context menu
+ Import Song/Bible: Import SongBeamer *.bib bibles
+ Help -> "Reactivate "Don't show again" messages
- Schedule: Edit should reload the song if the current song was edited
- Windows 8.1: Fixed a bad speed issue when displaying texts on Windows 8.1
- Clicking on a slide focused the presentation window

- Added Dutch translation

- Fixed a crash related to video playback

+ Verse order can be saved in the schedule
+ Print Preview: Added another zoom value
- PowerPoint: Bug fixes for "RPC Server unavailable"
- PowerPoint: Reduced flickering when showing the first ppt slide

+ PDF and PowerPoint presentations can be found using the search (this will search in the filename only)
- PowerPoint: Fixed a white screen that was shown on some PCs after presenting a PowerPoint presentation

+ Options: Text Settings & Colors: New option "Frame", "Frame Width" and "Frame Padding"

+ Background: New menu item: "Open with windows Explorer" when clicking on a folder name
+ Slide Show: New control for remaining time
* Thumbnails: Improved border with option "pattern"
+ (BETA) Dark color scheme for main window
+ Moved song index into folder for local application data
+ SongSelect Import: Results can now be sorted alphabetically (click into the listbox with the right mouse button)
+ SongBeamer HTML Tag: <frame>...</frame>

+ Background Manager: Bible text can now be shown in a predefined rectangle

+ SongSelect Import: CCLI Song # is displayed in the preview
+ Startup: Improved error message if a folder could not be created
+ PowerPoint 2007, 2010, 2013: Improved loop when using the SongBeamer "auto advance" function
+ Show website: Script errors are suppressed
+ Timer: Improved performance
+ SBHtml: New tag: <posy:xx>
* SongSelect Import: Improved error message if SongSelect fails because of a wrong timestamp

+ SongSelect Import: Fixed problem with songs containing a "/" in the title

+ PowerPoint: "Presenter - Next" improved handling of powerpoint animations
+ PowerPoint 2007, 2010, 2013: clicking in current slide shows the next animation step

+ SongSelect Import: It is possible to copy a song to the clipboard using Ctrl+C
* PowerPoint: Reduced flickering when starting a presentation
* PowerPoint: Current slides remains visible when switching to a different item (this is not yet implemented for the viewer)

+ Search Bible: double clicking on a result closes the dialog
+ Installation folder of VLC player is read from the registry
- Song Search: Fixed problem with finding songs that have a superfluous "." in the filename
- Schedule: Edit->"Add current item to schedule" didn't work with powerpoint presentations

+ Video: It is possible to launch the VLC player from within SongBeamer
+ Customize Keyboard: Shortcut F5 can be customized, too
* Renamed Worship Leader View to "Chords View"
- Background Video: Switching a background from Video to Image was not accepted until reloading the current song
- Background Manager: "Reset Color" was not always applied correctly

+ Song Editor: New color selector
+ Songs: If a song doesn't have a language count assigned, 1 will be used as default

+ Added audio formats: *.m4a, *.flac (if a suitable audio codec is installled on your system)
+ Support for Windows 8
- Chords view: Scrollbar was not updated when resizing the window

+ Edit song: Added new button for filtering categories

+ SongSelect Import: Added info about wrong system time when connection error 12057 is shown
+ Statistics: CCLI Song number is written to the statistics
+ Slide Show: Number of images is shown in the editor
+ Chord Editor: Added tool for replacing chords

+ Videos: Stop position cannot be before the start position anymore
+ DVD: DVD start position can be transfered between PCs (needs Windows Vista or better)
* Videos: Improved display of start and stop position
* Song Editor: improved spin edits

+ Background manager: It is now possible to select more than one song in the schedule and assign a background to all of them at once
+ Printing: Printer selection box is now sorted alphabetically
+ Printing: Show printer status
+ Bible: Font for 2nd translation can be changed separately
+ Printing: Fixed problem with font size

+ Song import from text file: It is now possible to select more than one file
+ Song import from text file: Improved formatting
- Song search: Searching by song number returned too many results

+ SongSelect Import: show info about possibly wrong time zone when authorisation fails
+ Copyright display: Added CCLISONGNUMBER for CCLI Song number
- Fixed problem when a configuration file was broken

+ SongSelect Import: Highlight search phrase

+ SongSelect Import: Text updates
- Tools->Customize: "Presentation: Chorus (next)"

+ SongSelect Import: Now we use the SongSelect API for best user experience
+ Improved bible verse lookup

- PowerPoint Viewer: Fixed problem when when loading a slideshow that used the "Split" transition
- Chord Editor: Custom chord: Shortcuts for copy&paste had no effect
- Fixed import problem for some *.exe files in Adobe® Flash® format

- Song Editor: Fixed probelm with "Add Language" when a song had 0 languages
- SongSelect Import: Number of languages is now set to 1 (instead of 0)

+ Optionens: Increased maximum font size of translation to 200%

+ Song Editor: Added "Paste" button
- Slide Show: Preview images were wrong on somce PCs

+ Settings: Added note that "Ignore aspect ratio" is for background videos only
+ Import Schedule: Import is not canceled when an error occurs
+ Export Schedule: Added *.pdf
+ Font selection in Windows 7: Hidden fonts will note be shown anymore
+ Schedule: Background color of items can be changed

+ Slide transltions: transition time can now be set more preciseldy
- Settings: Fixed problem with line spacing on some PCs

+ Antialias for images in the slideshow
- Fixed problem when saving images with Fuji makernotes

- Songs: the alignment of the last copyright lin was wrong
- Backgroundvideo/SBREmote: fixed "Could not convert variant of type (Error) into type (OleStr)"

+ Schedule: Templates
+ Live Video: "Most recently used DirectShow Filters" now works for live video, too
+ Menu: Add macro as menu item
+ Printing: Fixed problem with font size calculation
* Menu: removed schedule pop from customization

+ Schedule: Properties of label opens edit label dialog
+ Add Label: added button "Add to schedule"

- Fixed a problem with video backgrounds

- Printing: Number of copies was not shown correctly in the printer setup dialog
- Songs: video backgrounds: Video was not shown when using "Show background only" after loading a song

- Print: "List index out of bounds" when trying to print empty song

+ Songs: primary language was not read correctly from schedule

+ Display PDF documents

* F5 starts presentation with current page

+ Slideshow: is not saved to the schedule
+ Slideshow: added button for exporting slideshow to file
+ Transitions: changed default transition to crossfade
+ Bible: searching for"NGÜ" switches to German "Neue Genfer Übersetzung 2011"
+ Videos: quickstart for *.wmv videos
+ Backgroundmanager: treat *.mov as video even if it is not registered in Windows as video
* DVD: improved stability
* SlideShow: removed SongBeamer 1.x slideshow
- DVD: fixed display of subpicture streams
- Song editor: fixed combobox for speed

+ Songs: Added field for time signature (4/4, 6/8, ...)
- PowerPoint: fixed a problem with displaying PowerPoint files that are protected against modification

+ Video: error message if a codec is missing
+ Slideshow: could not paste into edit fields using Ctrl+V
* Improved compatibility with large screen dpi

+ set DPI Aware flag

+ Added message box about missing multimonitor support on Windows 7 Starter
- fixed: OBJECT expected on line 1
- fixed: Canvas does not allow painting

+ Windows 7: disabled "Aero-Peek" for presentation
+ Improved support for PowerPoint Viewer 2010 (Beta)
+ Song Editor: new field tempo
- Fixed "Merge Schedule"

+ Audio/Video: new display editor for current position
+ Find Song: mouse wheel can be used for scrolling the preview
- SlideShow: Fixed "Stretch images to full frame"
- Chords editor: fixed calculation of chords positions on Windows 7

- Printing: fixed problem with custom font

+ Main window: Ctrl++/Ctrl+- for ZoomIn and ZoomOut (on numeric keypad)
+ The current page of a song remains selected when changing the background image
+ Shortcuts for Pre-Chorus can be assigned
+ Chords on presentation: allow font attributs bold and italics
* Background manager: double click on image accepts changes
* Optimizations for PPT Viewer 2010
- Fixed start up problem if a bible file is broken
- Background manager: fixed problem with thumbnail generations

* Audio: Quickstart list now works with relative folders
* Song editor: Focus is restored to the window after "Save as..."
- Export schedule: *.gif images were not exported
- Print: Song number was not printed in Version 4.11a

+ Autocomplete for font selection
+ Bible: AND can be used to search for two separate words
* Print: Improved font size calculation
* Added some more file extensions for QuickTime
- Live Video: Index out of Bounds behoben

* Export schedule: background videos can be exported
- Fixed a problem with SongSelect import

* Improved chord rendering
* Improved quicktime playback
- Fixed a problem with the aspect ratio of some videos when using Windows XP

+ MPO Images can be displayed in 3D
+ Reworked playback of QuickTime movies
+ Save preview images of slideshows
* Schedule: multi selection works with drag&drop
- Bildeditor: EXIF Thumbnail wird beim Speichern von JPG Bildern erneuert

+ Worshipleader View: Added options dialog (click on the worship leader view with the right mouse button)
+ Image Editor: Select custom aspect ratio

+ Customize Keyboard: Added "Black Screen or Current Page"

+ Beta: Support for PowerPoint Viewer 2010
+ Mixobject: Added support for transparent images
+ Languages: Use selected language for all songs (optional)
+ Video: added *.mts as extension for video files
+ Worshipleader View: Added Auto scroll
- Background video: fixed access violation when closing SongBeamer when the video was still playing
- Background video: removed an unnecessary refresh of the screen

- Fixed shutdown problem
- Find Songs: fixed usability issue when "Show all songs for empty search" was selected in the options

+ Import of SongSelect *.usr files
- fixed problem when saving copyrights

+ Print: Option "Print two pages per sheet"
+ Chord editor: Added tool for replacing chords
+ Added support for animated gifs (start the animation with the green arrow!)

+ Customize keyboard: Added new shortcuts

- Background images: Images were loaded as video if they were in the video folder

+ Live Video: Option "Stretch to full screen" (requires Windows Vista or newer)
- Video: Ignore aspect ratio did not work for videos that were assigned to songs using the background manager

+ Comand line switch /si (allows running multiple instances of SongBeamer)

- Audio playback list (experimental)

- DVD: rewind button had no effect

- Background Manager: fixed "Invalid argument to date encode." error message

- Image Editor: Save question was shown twice when closing the editor using the ESC key
- Fixed a bug fix live-video (4.03d)

* Improvements for the PowerPoint Viewer 2007 support
- Background manager: Video tab was shown for the global background options

+ Search: "#"-Key adds song to the schedule and sets the focus back to the search box
+ Improved start speed for MPG-1, dvsd (MiniDV) videos
- A few bugfixes for .csv import

- Color selector: Original color was not displayed correctly
- A Black rectangle was shown on the 1st monitor if output was set to the 2nd monitor, but no 2nd monitor was available

- License key was not accepted on PCs with Chines character set

+ Compatibility fix for PowerPoint 2010 Beta
+ Add website: Hiding the scrollbars is now optional
+ Statistics viewer: write song number to statistics (the Statistics Reader still needs to be updated).
* Improved SongSelect import
* Keys F1..F12 can now be used when an edit control has the focus
- Fixed folder for bibles when installing on a USB stick (now: [Install Folder]\ProgramData\Bibles)

+ Customize Keyboard: Added more items
- Fixed problem with window focus
- Fixed problem with background videos

- Background manager: only one text area should be selectable
- Import Schedule: question "Overwrite file" did not work
- PowerPoint Viewer 2007: Did not work for some *.pptx files

+ Updated SongSelect import to latest changes in SongSelect interface
+ Open schedule in SongReport

+ Added *.mpo and *.jps image types
+ Printing: Made printing of verse order optional
+ Improved error message when video or audio files do not exist
+ Search songs with a certain key

+ Image Editor
+ Improved compatibility with Windows 7
+ Merge 2 schedules
+ Audio: Loop
+ Updated SongSelect import to latest changes in SongSelect interface
+ Reset song index
+ Customize keyboard: Set a global hotkey for presenting the slide that is currently being edited
+ SongBeamer moves the presentation to the second monitor when the second monitor is attached while SongBeamer is already running
+ Options->Song: Show title on every page
+ Options->Song: Show verse order on presentation
+ Added *.odp format (requires PowerPoint 2007 with Service Pack 2)
+ Show period of free updates in About screen
+ Slide show: Show file names of images
+ DVD: Option prefer AC3Filter.net for Audio
+ Script: added property Presentation.AutoAdvance: Boolean;
+ Chords like A(no3) can be added
+ Improved colo dialog
+ SongSelect Import: Remember window size and positio
+ Customize keyboard
+ Remember window position of chord editor
+ Shift+Click on Help-Menu: Show folders for configuration files
+ When trying to register SongBeamer on Vista or Win7: Request admin rights if the key file cannot be written
+ Command line switch /? shows help for command line switches
+ Copyright display: New option "Show on first page"
+ Bible: improved Options dialog
+ Background manager: Added tab for videos
+ Added support for *.flv videos
+ Added support for PowerPoint Viewer 2007
+ Extended search
+ Show most recently used DirectShow filters (Help-Menu)
+ Save desired display language of songs in schedule
+ Bible: Highlight results when searching the bible
+ Find Song: Added option to search all songs in the schedule (Ctrl+P)
+ DVD Renderer: Added option "automatic"
+ DVD: Added buttons for menu navigation
+ Show the required video codec in the video properties dialog
+ Support for Unicode characters
+ Progress bar when rotating images
+ Extended folder options (default folders for option dialogs)
* Improved search speed
* Improved default resolution for *.pcd images
* Chords: Add support for maj9 chord
* Improved timer resolution for "Auto advance"
* Page setup: switched display unit to inch or cm (depending on regional settings in control panel)
* Improved loading speed of background manager
* Optimizations for DVD audio
- Fixed a few DVD issues
- SongBeamer prevented windows from shutting down while the program was running
- Fixed a problem when using "--A" for starting a new page
- Fixed a problem with Live-Video

+ Updated SongSelect Import

+ Support for Windows 7
- Fixed bible display

- Updated SongSelect Import

+ Help-Menu: Rebuild SongIndex
+ Updated SongSelect Import

- Fixed a problem with the context menu in the editor

- Fixed a problem with live-video

- Fixed a problem when editing a song while a message was shown to the congregation
- Could not activate a dockpanel when clicking on a non-edit control (Regression of V3.13a)

- Fixed an access violation if DirectShow could not be initialized

* Updated main menu control
- Fixed a translation bug in the German version

+ Added the "View" menu
- Fixed a problem when playing videos after a fade-out

+ Song-Display: Text outline width can be changed

- Background-Video: Switching songs stopped the background video when the two songs had the same background video assigned

- SongBeamer crahsed with ECipherError when bible file was broken

- Song-Editor: Auto-Fill for verse order listbox had a problem with custom vers markers

- Fixed access violation when presentation size was less than 0 pixels

- SlideShow: Allow adding images using Copy&Paste

* Improved import from CCLI SongSelect

+ Import from CCLI SongSelect

- Length of Flash-Movies (*.swf) was not displayed correctly

+ Printing: also print CCLI SongNumber
+ SlideShow: Ctrl++ increases thumbnail sute, Ctrl+- decreases thumbnail size, Ctrl+Del deletes image from disk into the Recycle Bin)
+ SlideShow: Alphabetical sorting of images that are inserted by Drag&Drop
* Export Schedule: improved export of large files

+ Bible Search: Add verses to the schedule directly from the search dialog
* Extended french translation

+ Audio: Click on the trackbar to jump 30s on the timeline. This can be customized in the pop-up menu.
+ Option "Always use Cleartype"
- Open-Dialogs: Last folder was not always remembered correctly

+ Video: Optimize video resolution is now optional
+ Print: Print comments from the copyright tab
+ Beta: Show presentation on 3rd monitor
+ Search: Show Icon in the dialog if a song has a background image

+ Verse Marker für Verse 1a, Verse 1b, ...
+ Audio-Playback: Click on current time to seek to enter a time to seek to
- Schedule: wrong item was selected when adding a song after having deleted a song

* Song Editor: Show confirmation "Save Changes" after changing the verse order

+ Custom verse order can be used when displaying songs
+ Show XPS documents (this requires .NET 3.0)
+ Show song comments in the main window
+ Loop for a slideshow is now optional
+ Ctrl+J focuses the thumbnail panel
+ Shift+Click on background manager button: Show background manager in docking mode
+ Shift+Click on find button: Show search panel in docking mode
+ SongQA
+ Assign background videos to a song
+ Message to the congregation: Set number of repetitions
+ Save Instant text to the schedule
+ Regular expressions can be used when searching songs
+ Extended "Export schedule"
+ Show two bible translations at the same time
+ Optimized video playback on Vista
+ Presentation in 16:9 wide mode (optional)
+ Songs: Use --A to split verses only when showing all languages of a song
+ Added "Save as" to the song editor
+ Timer (Beta): Do not show AM/PM for the stop watch or countdown
+ Added hints for Video and Live-Video

+ Mixobject: PowerPoint slides can be added to the mixobject (they will be played without animations)

* "Correct letter spacing on video screen notebooks" is now used automatically
- Videos: "Play videos immediately" did not work correctly
+ Mixobject: Added option "2 Pages per Page (identical)

+ Print: Print "Additional Info"

* Import PowerPoint presentations with unicode characters
* Songs: Comment can contain unicode characters
+ File name of schedule can be passed as command line parameter to the application

+ Printing: Optionally add natural sign to "B"
+ Printing: Added option to print chords in bold or italic
- Chords: Removed a dash that was sometimes added to the end of a line

- Backgroundmanager: Background was assigned to a song even if "Apply changes to current song" was not selected
- Print: Verse marker was printed in bold when "Print title on left/right margin" was selected

+ Chord editor: |-character can be used and will be treated correctly when transposing a song
+ Drag&Drop from Vista Photo Gallery to the Slideshow schedule is now possible
+ EVR Renderer for DVD Playback
+ Copyrights: Translator was not always shown correctly

- Check if Flash® is Installed before opening a *.swf file

- Fixed problem with thumbnail creation when switching from PPT to PPT presentation while showing a PPT presentation using the PowerPoint® Viewer 2003

+ Added verse markers "Part A", "Part B", ...
+ Options: Change width of the thumbnail selection frame

* Internal changes

+ Background manager: Added "Flip horizontally" function to the context menu

* More internal changes to the song backgrounds function

* Improvents for the Timer

+ Option "No background" for "Instant Text"
* Internal changes for background images
* When adding a timer to the mixobject: Go to next page when it expires

+ Songs: Lines starting with ##P will be printed, but will not be shown on the presentation
* Mix-Object: Show two Pages per Screen
- Fixed problem with verse markers

* Some improvements to the spanisch translation

- SBScript: Fixed problem with the AddItem function
* Improved the scriptengine

+ Added support for German Luther 1984 translation

+ Print: Added option to print the same page twice per sheet
* Thumbnails: Optimized thumbnail size when only displaying one big thumbnail on a video screen laptop
* Mixobject: Options Mix / Append
- "Sharing Violation" behoben, wenn ein Song von zwei SongBeamern genau gleichzeitig geladen wurde
- Live-Video Logik für Hauppauge Win TV PCI 44804 erweitert

* SBScript: Added new parameter to the AddItem function
- Bugfix: Del-Key always removed item from schedule when "Remove from List" has been added to the main menu by the user

* Spanish translation is nearly complete
* Folder for user files can now be relative
- Script: Fixed GetFolder_ProgramFiles

+ User defined verse markers with $$M=
* Spannish translation of SongEditor

+ Started with spanish translation

+ Pinnacle 510-USB can now be used with SongBeamer

* Improved Live-Video on Vista

* Workaround for live video display driver Bug for Intel965 on Vista

+ Option to change size of copyright of bible
- Bugfixes for playing video and flash

+ Insert label: Remember last used color
* Add bible verse to schedule: Bible verses can now be added without opening them first
* Bible: Improved display of verse numbers

* Optimized switching from PPT to PPT presentations

- Slideshow: Fixed problem when images were removed from the slideshow while thumbs were still loading

+ Entf removes images from the background manager
* Improved speed when removing many images from the slideshow
* Filenames with unicode characters can be used in a slideshow
- Textpreview doesn't shows the first line instead of the vers marker

+ Extended bible module for verses with a/b

+ Hotkey Ctrl+Pos1: Display 1st song/first slide
+ DVD modul rewritten
+ Allow opening songs from http
* Chord editor: improvements and bugfixes

+ PowerPoint Viewer can show presentations with unicode filenames.

Fixed problem with bible verse lookup

+ Optional printing of verse tags
- Options: Fixed minor problem with the "Browse..." button

- Number of visible thumbnails was not correctly restored

- Vista: Fixed problem with showing PowerPoint Presentations

+ PowerPoint Viewer can now be used in Vista 64
* Prepared thumbnail view for new functions
- Message to the congregation: Button sometimes was incorrectly marked as down
- Function "Previous Song " did not have any effects after closing the current item

- Fixed problem with Live Video when using an ATI display adapter

+ User changes to the toolbar will be remembered after an update (if possible)
* Toolbar: Auto-Advance time is now available per drop down menu
- Printing: Copyright needs automatic wordwrapping

- Open/Save dialogs did not function correctly when using Vista

- SongEditor: "Copy from Author" did not work any more (2.40)

+ Chord Editor: Improvied recognition of international chords
* SlideShow: Improved EXIF display
* Function "Presenter - Next" can also be used for videos
* Schedule: Does not scroll to top anymore after deleting items
* Improved support for unicode

+ Find Song: Ctrl+Enter opens Song
+ PowerPoint Viewer 2003 + 2007: Viewer will start with the selected page
+ Schedule: Autoscroll to the selected item
+ Schedule: Multiple items can be moved at once
* Command "Presenter - Next" immediately displays the first slide of a new item

+ Slideshow: Multiple items can be moved at once
+ Songeditor: Added "Interlude" to slide captions
+ EXIF thumbnail will be updated when rotating images
+ Added option to stretch background videos to full screen without aspect ratio
- Command "Next Page/Song" did not work as expected

- Fixed dialog title for "Import Schedule"
- Could not select a single color as background in the options dialog
- SongBeamer did not start when using Windows 98

+ Bible import now works without admin rights
+ Settings: Disable hardware overlay for video playback
+ Merge schedule (Append items at end)
* New icons for schedule (New, Save, Open)

+ Present Flash animation embedded in *.exe Files
- Flash animation now show correct length

+ Added more details to song statistics
- Setting VMR7 as DVD Renderer was not remembered correctly

+ Added "Insert" menu
+ Added dialog for "Add webpage" (Beta)
+ Added possibility to not display CCLI number for certain songs
- Songs containing a tab character could not be printed correctly

* Improved bible import

* "Next Song" opens first item in the schedule if no item has been opened
- Fixed bug when changing the primary display language for a song
- Fixed bug with paragraph spacing

+ Options for title font and linespacing

- Fixed problem with Win98

+ New option for playing Quicktime videos with DirectShow (requires Codec)

+ Import/Export for schedule (only songs and backgrounds)
+ Verse marker "Pre-Chorus"
+ Slideshow can now be edited using the popup menu from the schedule
+ Hotkey "T" for Bridge

+ Unicode for chord editor

+ Added unicode preview to the search function
- Fixed bug when printing songs containing multiple languages
- Japanese characters could not be entered

- Fixed a problem when the search term includes a comma
- Fixed a bug when playing QuickTime videos.

+ Added option to move the 2nd language of a slide to the dop (if you have multilingual songs)
+ Removed border around html documents when displaying them

+ Added new file extensions for Quicktime Player

+ Songeditor: When opening the editor, the cursor will be moved to the current slide

+ Added drag&drog from Windows Explorer to the schedule

+ Schedule shows icons for some items

- Fixed bug with videos

+ DVD Stop Position
* Improved volume sliders
- Some bugfixes

* Improved support for mpg video capture cards
- Fixed some hints in the song editor

+ Background Manager: EXIF Thumbnails can be recreated
+ CCLI, Bible, Songbook, and Photo-Copyright can be shown with the copyrights in a song
* Improved starting and stopping of background videos
- fixed "TSFSHugeFile.Read - Stream read error"
- some minor bugfixes

+ Added new file extensions for PowerPoint 2007
- Fixed problem when showing html files

* Mouse pointer will be shown over DVD (again)
- Fixed a problem in the German translation

+ Bible: Added option to select language for bible captions
* Editor: line for maximum recommended text width can be repositioned
- Fixed a bug when creating thumbnails when using PowerPoint Viewer 2003

+ New Transition: Random
+ Editor: Marker for maximum recommended text width
* Video playback: Mouse cursor will not be shown over videos
- Last used bible will be selected on startup

+ Songs: You can now display any combinations of the languages in a song (Click the language icons while holding down Ctrl!)
+ Songs: Caption of language icons will be shown in gray if the language is not available
+ Printing: Optionally print only the currently shown language
+ Added three new transitions

+ Added automatic wordwrap for songs (optional)
- Schedule: Fixed bug when copying items

+ Video: start and stop times will be saved on the schedule
* Improved behaviour when opening Flash movies
- Bible: Bible font settings didn't always work as expected

+ Shadow Depth can be changed
+ Play DVD in background

+ SongBeamer HTML<&at> displays @
+ Option: Change key mapping for arrow keys

+ PowerPoint Import: Imported songs will be added to the schedule
+ Printing: Adjust font size for translation

* Improved support for PowerPoint Viewer 2003
* Improved DVD Playback
* Video: Start and Stop times will be displayed more clearly

+ Volume for Video & DVD
+ Subtitle selection for DVD
+ Video: Set Start and Stop times
- Fixed a minor bug with DVD placback

* Optimizations for videos in background
- Fixed problem with minimized dock panels

+ Bible: Hide verse numbers on presentation
+ Bibel: Select multiple verses while holding down shift
+ %MY DOCUMENTS% as shortcut for the my documents folder (Tools->Options->Folder)